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    My Imperfections

    The scars on my hands and legs Remind me that I’m a fighter That I can make it through anything That I can survive the worst and make my way back The stretch marks on my body Remind me that I’m an adult And not all change is bad Because this one sure wasn’t The marks on my knees Remind me of a time when I was younger When I wasn’t afraid to fall down Because at least I was walking The dark circles under my eyes Remind me that to achieve your goals You have to work night and day without stopping Because in the end it will be…

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    Devastated- Poetry

    It is hard to believe what they say With every sentence uttered From their perfectly synchronized lips That the fate of humanity could be so cruel Their actions carried out against our brothers and sisters Out somewhere are real   I can not hear them anymore It’s better to switch the channel To shut out the agonizing truth of their life From mine. If I don’t hear it, it’s not true If I don’t see it, it’s not true Their tortured pathetic life is now a fictional story   But does it? Do they stop seeing their loved ones from being slaughtered Every Single Day? To live within rules Confined…

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    Random Thoughts

    I know I haven’t been posting much lately but it’s because I have just been really overwhelmed with school. Because of that I didn’t have like something specific I wanted to write about so I thought I would right about some of the things I have been thinking about. Lately I have been thinking a lot about feminism and what it really stands for. Basically, feminism is about equality for both genders and I truly believe that it is necessary to treat all genders and sexual orientations equally. Something that really bothers me however is that more than men sometimes it is women who refuse to treat women equally to men and that is just…

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    Anxiety- Poetry

    I feel my hands shake My heart beats faster But I still can’t breathe I feel like I’m running out of air Every part of me is sweating My fingers feel numb My mind doesn’t seem to be working either My head is spinning My ears are ringing And my mouth is dry Nothing makes sense anymore Everything is out of control My Monday post was about anxiety so I thought I would write a poem about what it feels to have anxiety and panic attacks. If you want to read more poetry click here. If you enjoyed this post don’t forget to like, follow, share and comment.