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    Some Monday Inspiration

    Hi everyone! So as you probably know I am currently doing my A Levels which keeps me very busy so I couldn’t really write anything for todays post so instead I decided to post some inspirational quotes to brighten your day!    I really hope this makes your day more bearable! Always remember that you are a beautiful, unique individual who deserves the best in life! If you enjoyed this post don’t forget to follow, share, like and comment!

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    An Open Letter To The Universe

    Save me From the darkness And the sadness Shield me From the pain And anguish Teach me How to love Without being hurt Help me To always accept others Even when they’re different Give me The warmth and intimacy I so crave Change me For the better Not to suit your idea of perfection Love me For who I am Inside and out I know it sounds a little romantic but it’s really not (I am not a very romantic person 🙂 ). This poem is actually about growing up. I’ve been noticing lately things about myself that are changing because I am now an adult and sometimes that scares.…

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    Book Review: Bridget Jones’s Diary

    *Warning: Contains Spoilers* “I like you very much, just as you are” I had been meaning to read Bridget Jones’s Diary by Helen Fielding for a while now and I finally just got a chance to read it. Well I have a small confession to make- I haven’t finished the whole book yet because I had to revise for a history test I had today but I am almost done so I decided to write the review anyway. Bridget Jones is a very, very relatable character who is mildly obsessed with her co-worker Daniel, smokes too much and has some self-esteem problems. She has a sort of out of control…

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    Harper Lee Quotes

    Harper Lee was an amazing writer and To Kill A Mockingbird may be one of the greatest books I have ever read in my life. It was also one of the first books that gave me an insight on just how bad racism used to be and how much innocent people suffered for no other reason than that they had been born a different race. Harper Lee’s writing will always be remembered for years to come and she will continue to inspire generations. Here are some quotes by her that I think everyone should remember and try to live by:                                                                   If you enjoyed this post…

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    The Way You Make Me Feel

    You feel smooth And soft Against my skin I still remember The taste of you In my mouth Every time I see you My heart beats a little faster As you seduce me My mouth waters with anticipation I take a deep breath You smell so good I can’t resist any longer I just can’t wait anymore I want you now Why are you taking so long to cook? I’ve been craving peas all week And as I think all this I realize they’re cooked And I’m going to have a great meal There’s a very good explanation as to why I am writing a poem about peas (no I…

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    100 Followers And Some Inspiration!!!!!

    I have no idea what to say! I just hit 100 followers and I am just so happy! When I started this blog I did it to have something to do that I really enjoyed and I didn’t expect anyone to really care. I was so excited when I got one follower and now I have a hundred which is so hard to believe. I never thought anyone would ever want to read what I wrote (yes I have surprisingly low self esteem 🙂 ) and this is just so flattering and incredible. I just want to say thank you to every single person who followed me. I hope you…

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    Tips On How To Deal With Depression

    I have dealt with depression for quite a few years. Actually I have had symptoms of depression since I was 11/12. It was really hard at first especially because I didn’t know what was happening- I was just always sad or angry and I really didn’t get much support at the time from my family who I believe just thought I was going through a phase at the time. The worst part of depression for me is that it never really goes away, it’s always there at the back of my mind waiting for the slightest sign of weakness. I still have days when I just feel horrible and feel…

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    Till Death Do Us Part

    I feel so light And empty I’m finally free To go where I please To do what I want I watch from a distance As everyone else mourns I am embraced by The chilling arms of Death As he takes me away Caressing my soul In Death’s arms I feel more alive than I have ever felt before I have been thinking about death a lot these days and it doesn’t really scare me, it just kind of fascinates me and yesterday I couldn’t sleep at night so I came up with this poem. I hope you guys like it! If you want to read more poetry on this blog click…

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    T.V Show Review: Jessica Jones

    *Warning: Contains Spoilers* “A big part of the job is looking for the worst in people. Turns out I excel at that.” I started watching Jessica Jones last Friday and have been absolutely obsessed with it ever since. I have literally told everyone I know to watch it because it is the most amazing show I’ve ever seen. Marvel never seems to disappoint and Jessica Jones is evidence of that. Jessica Jones is a Netflix original series that revolves around the life of Jessica Jones a sort of anti-hero. She is extremely introverted and has barely any friends at the beginning. We also see that she has superhuman strength and…